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Whenever two or more people join together for a common cause, a partnership is formed.  In a partnership each individual shares the same vision and passion,  and they choose to work with one another, in collaboration and cooperation, to achieve their goal.

This is what Church Membership is all about at New Hope. It's about partnering together to help people learn to love God by following Jesus; serving one another and blessing our world. If you're interested in becoming a ministry partner, click the link below to download our membership booklet.

Discover our C&MA DNA

New Hope Church is proud to be a part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.  As a part of the process for becoming a membership partner with New Hope, we invite you to watch these 5 short videos to discover the history and mission that make the C&MA distinct as a Christ-centered movement.

C&MA DNA Videos

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

More than church membership, it's a partnership

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Following Jesus by loving and serving one another